Kovář David

Kovář David


Personal profile

Simplicity and humbleness bring balance, freedom, and joy into my life. I seek out calmness, silence, and solitude. I'm very impulsive and emotional human being. Gathering knowledge and self-awareness is a necessity and nearly the only joy in my life. I'm not willing to succumb to consumerism, crowd madness and the temptation of becoming a high-flyer. Sometimes I slow down, lay down on the ground and "foolishly goggle around"! May the Force be with you!

Professional profile

I came to the programming and web application development out of the blue. I have been discovering and constantly learning the modern way of development over the past few years. As a result, personal and professional life unites and programming has become my hobby and passion.


  • NameDavid Kovář
  • Age33
  • ResidencyČeské Budějovice, ČR
  • ResidencyManchester, UK

My interests

Programming & Technology

Working on exceptional projects of all kinds and learning new technologies.

TypeScript & Angular

Application development on Javascript-based technology brings a new dimension again.

Laravel & October CMS

I'm keen on developing web applications on Laravel and October CMS.


Even though I'm skilled in Wordpress after many years of development, I tend neither to use it nor recommend it.

As time goes


  • Application development

    V9 group - Manchester, UK / České Budějovice, ČR

    2024 2020
  • Web application development - Senior

    Ontoast Ltd. - Manchester, UK

    Nowadays, I perform as a PHP programmer and carry on developing and maintaining web applications from Laravel over Wordpress to Symfony. Passion and experiences constantly grow, time relentlessly marches on and my attention is focused on Javascript-based technology.

    2020 2018
  • Web application development - Junior

    Webpagesoftware Ltd. - České Budějovice, ČR

    I could deeply delve into programming and gathered new knowledge thanks to all experiences gained in the previous year. I put myself into the work and devoted myself to Laravel framework and also found interest in October CMS. Furthermore, in the course of those wonderful times, I acquired advanced knowledge of usage of GIT, Composer, NPM and other tools that are essential for a developer.

    2018 2016
  • PHP programmer & Web application maintenance

    Larx s.r.o - České Budějovice, ČR

    After college I didn't know which way to go, nevertheless, fate led me to an IT start-up where I got in touch with real development. I was put into a position of programmer and laid the foundation for ensuing progress and passion. I became acquainted with PHP scripting language and started developing application based on CMS Wordpress. As everything was new to me, I invested significant time into learning of HTML/CSS utilized by preprocessor SASS.

    2016 2015


  • Information technology & e-learning

    University of South Bohemia, České Budějovice

    The study focused on the application of informatics in the area of e-learning, creating educational applications, working with media, managing educational systems and applications of information technology in the context of education. Studim included basic programming skills, web design, databases, operating system management, computer networks, computer engineering principles, and theoretical computer science. The study also included a mathematical, pedagogical and psychological basis.

    2014 2011
  • Post-secondary language course

    Secondary Vocational School of Veterinary Mechanization and Gardening and Language School with state language exams, České Budějovice

    2011 2010
  • Information technology

    Secondary Vocational School of Veterinary Mechanization and Gardening and Language School with state language exams, České Budějovice

    2010 2006


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